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Kia ora!

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Inch perfect.

Surf’s up.

Feel the lightness underfoot, up to 5x lighter than ratchet systems. Set up balanced and flat first time, every time - with our clever tightening system. A unique dynamic free flowing feel which rewards good balance and a gentle touch.

Fluid feel.

Balance on an inch of the smoothest line crafted from the finest weave. A soft feel, gentle rotation and a dead flat line gives the most rewarding experience on a slackline.

Sewn in loop.

Simple design, maximum enjoyment.

Introducing TreeHuggers.

Tree protection made easy.

With TreeHuggers built into every anchor sling, protecting the trees is so easy you don’t need to think about it. Set and forget, knowing that you’re leaving the trees intact.

Slide and shift.

Designed to eliminate the biggest cause of tree damage, TreeHugger slings move inside the protection sleeve instead of rubbing against the tree bark.

Mighty Tight.

Just pull.

Ditch the clunky ratchet. Tighten the Pure way, safe and simple system.

Double tight.

Pure30 kits come with the double tensioning system designed to get your line extra tight. Perfect for longer lines.



Super featherweight.

Using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, every last component is designed to be strong and light. Creating a slackline that’s so easy to use means that you'll be lost in fun.

Designed for the go.

Perfect for travel, versatile and set up anywhere.

Designed in Sydney, Australia.